Iron Dextran injection

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Iron Dextran, As an aid in the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency in animal.


Iron dextran 10 g

Vitamin B12  10 mg


Preventing of anemia caused by lack of iron in pregnant animals, sucking, young animals leading to white feces diarrhoea.

Supplementing iron, vitamin b12, in the case of blood loss due to surgery, traumas, parasitic infections,  promoting the growth of piglets, calves, goats, sheep.

Dosage and Usage:

Intramuscular injection

Piglet (2 days of age): 1ml/head. Repeat injection at 7 days of age.

Calves( 7 days of age):3ml/head

Sows which pregnant or after giving birth: 4ml/head.

Package size: 50ml per bottle. 100ml per bottle

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