From May 12th to 13th, 2022, the two-day inspection of the new edition of veterinary drug GMP was successfully completed. The inspection was organized by Shijiazhuang administrative examination and approval Bureau, led by director Wu Tao, a veterinary drug GMP expert, and a team of four experts. Depond successfully passed 10 production lines with high standard.

The new edition of veterinary drug GMP adheres to the principles of summarizing and drawing lessons from and based on china conditions, paying equal attention to equipment and files, strengthening personnel quality, and combining product quality. It improves the relevant requirements and standards, improves the level of product quality control, and better ensures the safety of animal derived food and public health.

This time, Depond passed 10 production lines at one time, including granule (including herbal medicine extraction) / tablet (including herbal medicine extraction), disinfectants (liquid), oral solution (including herbal medicine extraction) / terminal sterilization small volume injection (including herbal medicine extraction), terminal sterilization large volume non-intravenous injection (including herbal medicine extraction), as well as the newly-built powder / premix workshop, There are also non terminal sterilization large volume injection workshop and extraction workshop upgraded according to the requirements of the new edition of GMP. Since the beginning of 2021, according to the requirements of the new edition of veterinary drug GMP, Depond has carried out hardware transformation and software upgrading of the original workshop, and expanded the new GMP automatic production workshop building to further improve the production and service capacity.

At the inspection site, the expert group listened to the report on the implementation of the new edition of veterinary drug GMP in Depond. Subsequently, the GMP production workshop, quality control laboratory, warehouse management room and other places that apply for inspection shall be subject to on-site audit, the company’s new edition of veterinary drug GMP management documents, archives and records shall be subject to on-site inspection, and the relevant heads of various departments and post operators shall be subject to on-site questions and assessment.


After two days of strict review, the expert group fully affirmed the implementation of the company’s new edition of veterinary drug GMP, fully met the inspection requirements, and comprehensively evaluated that Depond passed the inspection of the new edition of GMP.


Depond new workshop covers an area of more than 1400 square meters and a construction area of 5000 square meters. It is a three-story modern intelligent production workshop, including multiple intelligent and automatic production lines. The completion of this workshop indicates that the production of veterinary drugs and additives in factory is more standardized and intelligent, which greatly improves the production efficiency, further improves the product quality and output, and provides better products and services for animal husbandry.


Depond always adheres to the tenet of “Depond pharmaceutical, intelligent manufacturing”, which is consistent with the essence of the new veterinary drug GMP. Depond will continue to improve hardware facilities, biosafety, personnel quality and management level, and participate in broader market competition with high standard production; We will continue to take scientific and technological innovation as the guide, optimize management and improve efficiency to improve product quality, adhere to the production standards of precision, meticulous, high-quality and green, strictly control product quality, provide all-round services for the healthy growth of animal husbandry and escort food safety.


Post time: May-19-2022