A few days ago, Hebei Depond has two more invention patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, one of the patent name is "a compound enrofloxacin oral liquid and its preparation method", the patent number is ZL 2019 1 0327540. another is “Ammonium pharmaceutical composition, preparation method and application", the patent number is ZL 2019 1 0839594.8.

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All along, Depond’s technicians have been committed to the research and development of veterinary drug technology, and through continuous experimental research, to further optimize the efficacy of the product.

In recent years, Hebei Depond Company has focused on increasing investment in scientific research, actively carried out technological innovation, and optimized and upgraded product quality. The technical team has overcome many difficulties in the research and development process, overcome one problem after another, not only improved the therapeutic effect of the company's products, but also obtained invention patents in China. The continuous development of scientific research has improved the core competitiveness of the company and provided a strong scientific and technological support for the company's development.

Post time: Jun-15-2022